Tuuli Flooring

The Tuuli-floorinG is suitable for versatile use

Are you looking for a practical and economic solution for your space? The Tuuli-flooring® is the perfect choice when seeking a durable option which is easy to clean and has excellent fire safety . This cost-effective flooring also provides excellent soundproofing and heat insulation.
With the Tuuli flooring there is no need to worry about unsuccessful installation:
it can be cut in all directions without fear of fraying. Post-processing is not needed, as the floor is immediately ready for use!

Tuuli Flooring®


The soft Tuuli flooring is comfortable under your feet

The Tuuli flooring can be used without problems both at home and in various public spaces. Its woven surface is soft and comfortable to step on even with bare feet. The Tuuli flooring is easy to keep clean, because its surface repels water and dust. Additionally, vinyl flooring dries quickly and does not grow mouldy.