Technical Data

Using a normal adhesive suitable for vinyl floors, the flooring is glued on a smooth and even underfloor.
It’s easy to have unnoticeable seams. The seams are only to be cold welded.

Can be vacuumed or cleaned using suitable equipment. Solvens are not recommended.
If required, the manufacturer will supply more detailed information on floor laying and maintenance.

Material 97 % vinyl, 2 % polyester, 1 fibreglass
Classification EN 1307 33
Weight rolls EN 8543 3000 g / m²
Weight tiles EN 8543 4000 g / m²
Roll width EN 426 200 cm
Total thickness EN 1765 3 mm
Dimension of tiles ISO 24342 50 cm x 50 cm
Fire rating EN 13501-1 Bfl S1
Smoke density ASTM E 662 <450
Critical radiant flux ATSM E 648 Class 1
Anti slip property DIN 51130 R10
Castor chair resistance EN 985 No effect
Airborne sound absortion EN ISO 354 0.05
Dimensional stability ISO 2551 Pass
Colour fastness to light ISO 105-B02 7
Impact sound insulation EN ISO 10140 15 dB
Impact sound insulation acoustic EN ISO 10140 22 dB
Static electricity ISO 6356 Pass
Slip resistance EN 13893 Pass
Thermal resistance ISO 8302 Suitable for underfloor heating
CE certificate EN 14041 No. 0809-CPD-0816
Quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 No. EUFI29-19006031-C