Flooring for restaurants

A high-quality flooring

Restaurants are primarily visited to enjoy delicious food and drinks. However, today, visiting restaurants is increasingly considered a wide-ranging experience which is also largely affected by the comfort, setting and functionality of the premises. The correct floor selection will have a significant impact on all these properties.

It would be good to take these properties into account when selecting a floor for a restaurant:

  • durability
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • soundproofing
  • fire safety
A high-quality flooring will be highly resistant to wear, which occurs, for instance, on the paths taken by waiters between the tables. The floor should also be easy to maintain and quick to clean, since persistent stains such as red wine easily end up on the floor of a busy restaurant.

The buzz of conversation and socialising are a major part of the acoustics of a restaurant, but it is important to design the premises so that an echo is avoided. Soundproof flooring will help keep the sound level reasonable. In this case, the guests will be able to enjoy the conversation between the members of their own party, and their unoccupied senses will be free to enjoy good flavours. When planning for the flooring of a restaurant, it is good to take its fire safety into account as well. In the vicinity of the kitchen and its hot grease, a floor material which does not ignite easily is required.

In addition to the practical properties mentioned above, the effect of the floor on the comfort and aesthetics of the premises is also important. The floor is an essential part of the whole, which is used to create a restaurant experience that is pleasing to all their senses.

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