Floors for offices

Floorings for offices

The flooring selection has a major impact on the first impression an office space gives. An aesthetic and high-quality floor will lay the foundations for the welcoming aspect of the entire space from the first steps onwards. A pleasant office space will guarantee that the employees enjoy it there, but it is also a good way to create impressions for clients and other visitors.

In addition to being aesthetic, floors have an impact on the functionality and comfort of the space. Each office space has different needs and wishes, and we are used to meeting them at Hellsten Flooring. We are happy to help clients select suitable solutions for their space. Thanks to their high quality, they are a long-term investment. Our products are also a safe and maintenance-free option.

It would be good to take these properties into account when selecting a floor for the office:

  • durability
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • soundproofing
  • fire safety
We have an extensive selection of floor materials suitable for offices, among which a suitable shade, model and pattern may be chosen for each space. It is not necessarily a good idea to choose the same floor for the entire office. Instead, it is good to take into account the purpose of each space, the extent of their use and safety. For instance, lobby spaces require a floor which is resistant to wear and is easy to install or replace.

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